Building Access & WiFi Systems

Building Access Systems

A strong access system for your building is a protection barrier, keeping your business and employees safe.

SSG Technologies offers building access solutions for all commercial structures including; warehouses, hotels, apartment buildings, religions institutions, schools, dorms, and retail businesses.

Doors do more than open and close. They can also provide the following –

  • Manage who has access, utilizing RFID cards or PIN codes
  • Provide protection by communicating with your security system, or one you add in the future
  • Connect to an IP phone to view all entries and exits via live video or audio feeds
  • It can include a hemispheric camera allowing for 180 degree coverage
  • Track employee check-in and check-out times
  • Connect your access system to your on-premise phone entry system; with video capability

SSG Technologies installs the most up-to-date systems with exceptional strength and durability. Combined with solid, trustworthy customer service, allowing you to not just feel secure, but be secure!

Building Access Systems

WiFi Systems

Wireless networks or WiFi, give your business the ability to use the internet on any device – Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and PC’s – from anywhere inside your physical space. However, your wireless network does not stay within the walls of your business. More than likely the signals of your wireless network extend to neighboring businesses, your parking lot, and possibly to nearby private homes.

Small to medium size businesses are increasingly targeted by unwanted cyber intruders. The reason is many of these businesses don’t have the necessary resources and cyber skills needed to secure their network properly, making valuable company data and customer information vulnerable. Keeping your business data secure, is crucial for your businesses’ success.

Here are a few scenarios of what can happen without a secure system . . .

  • A visitor to the business next door needs WiFi but can’t find that company’s guest WiFi network and they tap into yours
  • Someone calls your front desk, claiming they are in your conference room and can’t access the WiFi. The imposter requests the password
  • One of your employees, loses their mobile phone with important client data or your business information on it
  • Someone in the office accidentally inserts an infected flash drive and malware spreads to your entire network – and you know the rest

Nothing is absolutely 100% secure. However, SSG Technologies can help you to determine what your businesses’ level of risk is, and how to mitigate it.

SSG Technologies will put together a comprehensive and understandable plan to make your business secure while maintaining your confidentiality, integrity and your customers privacy.

WiFi Systems