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What Are Business Communication Systems?

Business communication systems are systems that allow employees to communicate with each other over long distances. Almost every business relies on a business communication system to streamline the work and collaboration that a team does on a regular basis. 

While these services may include certain features or functionalities that you associate with business communication systems, the system itself can be any tool that helps businesses communicate in a streamlined and efficient manner. 

While this has been important for several years, many businesses are assessing their current systems for upgrades as many employees request remote working environments.

Employees can use these systems to stay connected to the business and continue working even when they work from home. New technology allows employers to detect when an employee is working and connected to the system remotely, and transfer data securely from one location to another. 

For international companies, businesses stand to save money on international travel expenses and long-distance calling fees by providing employees with video and phone calling software, rather than encouraging air travel to the physical location.

This is especially important in business hubs such as the Baltimore and Washington metro areas, which rely on business communication systems to relay information securely and quickly to locations across the world.

Read our article about choosing the right office phone system for your business here:

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Building Solid Business Communication Systems

Your team deserves a solid business communication system, and that all starts by ensuring the base of the system is reliable and up-to-date with the latest technology. 

It’s time to do away with the old landlines and bring in new technology, connecting employees and customers with your existing internet connection.  

SSG Technologies is based in the Baltimore and Washington metro area, providing businesses of all sizes with reliable business communication systems. Give us a call today to learn more about how these systems can better serve your company.

Choosing the Right Communication System for Your Business 

Every business is unique and deserves a communication system that reflects the employees’ needs as a team. 

Does your team need secure data transmission? Cloud-based services can help keep your data secure, without ever needing to be stored on a physical server. 

Do your employees conduct most of their meetings over video calls? Choosing a communication system that includes video calling can prove highly beneficial to the business’ productivity rates. 

To find the perfect business communication system for your office, consult with a professional at SSG Technologies today and discover what it means to be fully connected to your team across all locations.

Choosing the Right Communication System for Your Business
Popular Types of Business Phone Systems

Popular Types of Business Phone Systems

There are two main types of business phone systems that businesses may want to consider when upgrading or installing their communication system. 

The first is VoIP, which is a flexible system that uses an internet connection to make and receive phone calls. This is great if your employees need to use a tablet or computer to make a phone call, or if you have a consistent internet connection at the office. 

PBX is the second type of business phone system, which utilizes a central network to connect people within the network to each other, allowing anyone within the organization to send and receive phone calls. This works especially well for phone systems that should not connect to external numbers. 

It is important to note that while some phone systems come with video or cloud-based capabilities, it is not standard; if these are features that your business needs or something that would improve productivity in the workplace, it is recommended to request services that include these features.

How These Systems Evolved

These systems evolved from the standard landline system which uses copper phone lines buried in the ground to keep the business connected to the outside world. 

Because only one call can be transmitted through a single line, businesses have traditionally opted to get multiple lines for each office or department. 

Today, this solution is expensive to install with the rising cost of copper, not to mention extremely outdated and inefficient. Despite the physical connection, it wasn’t uncommon for calls to drop or get disconnected.

This inefficiency created a need in the industry, which was met with innovative upgrades with new technology. These recent innovations have since improved businesses’ ability to receive multiple calls at a time, placing customers on hold until they can be addressed by a team member. 

Benefits of a Business Communication System

Many benefits come from having a solid business communication system in place, especially if your team is normally reliant on team problem-solving or internal group discussions. 

Business owners often note that after installing or upgrading their business communication systems, they see a sharp rise in employee productivity and overall morale, as they are better able to do their jobs and feel like their needs are being listened to. In this situation, however, it is important to ensure that your communications system offers reliable uptime and high-quality support. 

A solid business communication system is also essential to maintaining good client relationships. No matter the industry you are in, you want to show clients and customers that you care about their time. Clear, timely communication is a great way to showcase this value. 

Data Communications Then and Now 

It wasn’t a long time ago that many businesses were connecting by traveling directly to other locations. While it was effective, it was an incredibly slow method of troubleshooting or sending employees from one location to another. 

In business, there is no time for slow communication or problem-solving. Time is of the essence, and data communications had to keep up with this demand. 

The age of technology comes with a lot of advantages to businesses that want to become more flexible and offer new options to their employees. (1) Read our article about the business benefits of cloud communication systems here:

“Your employees can now work remotely from home or anywhere other than the office because they can easily access your network. With the ‘presence information’ technology, you can tell which of your employee is available or not, see who they are on the phone with and monitor where they are working from – the office or otherwise.”


Now, data communication happens mostly over the phone or video, enabling employees to work from any location and still provide their expertise on important discussions.

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What to Look for in a Business Communication System

What to Look for in a Business Communication System

Because your business will be relying on a business communication system for all streamlined communication methods, it’s important to go with a system that meets your needs entirely. Selecting a sub-par service will only lead to communication failures or lowered morale due to frustration and technical difficulties in the future.

First, it’s important to find a provider with good, reliable support. That provider should be somewhat local to your business so that they can provide real-time service during your business hours. For example, if your business is located in the greater Baltimore or Washington metro area, you will want a provider who serves that region specifically.

Once you find a good provider, you can look at the range of services and features they provide. By doing this research up front, you can be certain that your business is getting the best value and security for the price.

At SSG Technologies, we provide you with a range of solutions, matching you with the service that is best based on the current and projected needs of your employees. 

Not only do we ensure that your communication systems are streamlined and functional, but we also provide your services over the cloud so they remain secure and employees can access this system from a variety of devices.

How to Research Business Communication Systems

If you are a communications manager or owner of a business and need to upgrade your business communication systems, you must research your options and decide what you need out of the service. 

Many business owners will turn to the internet for information, but this isn’t always the best method. Likewise, consulting someone you know from word of mouth won’t provide you with a custom-tailored solution to your business’s individual needs.

When researching business communication systems, it is typically recommended that you seek out a service provider and discuss your needs with them. These service providers have a better understanding of their products’ technical features and will be able to match your needs to the right product.

Learn More About Business Communication Systems from SSG Technologies

At SSG Technologies, the power of efficient business communications is in your hands. We’ll help you establish a modern digital phone system tailored to your business needs, no matter how many locations you have. 

A solid business communication system should help your team work more efficiently and stay connected to customers and coworkers without a loss of security or data transmission rates, and with no hidden international charges or fees. 

Serving businesses of all sizes in the Baltimore / Washington metropolitan areas, we are proud to provide the most up-to-date business communication systems for a range of businesses. With cloud-based phone systems, voice services, and surveillance systems, your business will be in the right position to thrive and grow.


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